Welcome! You are at the 174th Alumni Association web site. An association that is comprised of former members of the tentant units such as; 138th FS, 174th TFW, 108th AC&W Sq, and the 152nd AOG Sq.,274th ASOS,222nd.

The Alumni Association is dedicated to the preservation of the memories of those who served before us and the heritage of the base we served on. 

This web site is a service provided to it's members that are in good standing. The majority of this site can only be accessed once your registration request has been approved. If you were ever a member, even for one day, and now have left or are now a member of one of the organizations listed above, still serving, you are eligible to join the Alumni Association by sending in the Membership Form that can found by clicking "Membership Form" selection on the left menu.

Every Third Thursday @ the Heritage Room (All Services Club), 7 pm.

Refreshments served.

Michael Lighton- President

Darryl Elkie - Vice President
Edward MacNabb- Secretary
Marilyn White- Treasurer
Donald Whiting - Chaplain
Michael Dennis - Board member
Fred Hartung - Board member
Ronald Kratz- Board member
Michael Silkworth - Board member
Ronald Curetti - Board member

Don Whiting- Chaplain

Chuck Normanly - Chairman of the Membership Committee