Unit Assigned Aircraft

This section is dedicated to the various types of aircraft that have been assigned to the 174th ANG at Hancock Field from 1947 until present times. The information herein is general and most obtained from www.militaryfactory.com. If anyone has pictures or information of specific tail-numbers they would like to share, please contact the Alumni Association thru the Contact Us link on the left side of the Home page.

Aircraft Listing Table

Date Aircraft Type Qty Note
March 15,1947 P-47B 30  
January 1950 F-84    
June 6,1950 F-51   Replaces F-84's for Korea
Oct 29,1953 F-94    
Dec 1,1957 F-86H 23  
Circa 1971 A-37B 24  
Circa 1981 A-10A 24  
Circa 1990 F-16A 24  
Circa 1997 F-16C 24  
Circa 2003 MQ-9    




  Note: In 1950 the USAF re-designated all P (Pursuit) to F (Fighter) designations.